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  • Watch for early signs if insects as weather grows warmer. We carry a wide variety of insect controls for home & garden.
  • Prune flowering shrubs within 2 weeks after blooms fade to spur growth.
  • Plant Sweet Corn every two weeks starting now to ensure a steady late summer supply.

Our Featured Products for May!

Now Available!


Cold War Organics Products
Cold War Organics Fertilizers and Nutrient products are specifically made for growing & cultivating Cannabis. We are the exclusive online seller of these products.

Shake-Away for Small Critters
Shake-Away for Small Critters is made from a combination blend of dried Bobcat and Fox urine into a powder formula. Patented 100% organic method to keep pesky animals away.

Monterey Garden Insect Spray (Spinosad)
Can be used on outdoor ornaments, lawns, vegetables, and fruit trees to control caterpillars, leafminers, thrips, borers, beetles and more.

Garlic Barrier
Garlic has been used since ancient times to repel insect pests. Garlic Barrier contains only garlic oil and water. It offers farmers and gardeners an easy-to-use alternative to chemical insecticides.

Hot Pepper Wax Spray
Hot Pepper Wax Spray is derived from cayenne peppers, combined with paraffin, mineral oil and eleven insect-repelling herbal extracts. It sticks to plant leaves to form a transparent barrier that shields the leaf from insect-transmitted and airborne diseases.

Neem Oil
This unique organic insect control works by disrupting the reproductive and digestive cycles of various insects that attack plants. For use on vegetable and flower gardens, ornamentals, and fruits crops.

Bobbex is a plant growth stimulant for ornamentals, annuals, and perennials that also provides protection against damage to ornamentals and flowers by the browsing of deer.

Milky Spore
Controls Japanese Beetles by infecting the larval stage with a virus that is specific to only Japanese Beetles. One application will last 10-20 years.

Sluggo by Monterey Lawn & Garden, kills snails and slugs. It is safe, and can be used on fruits and vegetables, berries, outdoor ornamentals, lawns and greenhouses.

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