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  • Late September is a good time to dig up gladiolas, dahlias, and tuburous begonias for winter storage.
  • Plan ahead and get Wilt Pruf to apply when winter weather arrives.
  • Sow grass seed now.
  • Plant & Divide peonies now. hey like well drained soil, full sun and good air circulation. Plant the tubors with the uppermost eye no more than 2" below the surface.
  • If you find scale on some of your plants, use All Season Horticultural Oil Spray.
  • Use Sluggo around Hostas. The shade & moisture that Hostas love also attracts slugs that can chew on the plant's leaves.

Check out September's Featured Products!

Wilt-Pruf Wilt Pruf plant protector is a proven anti-transpirant, that when applied once, will protect your plants all season against winter kill, windburn, drought, and transplant shock.

Bobbex is a plant growth stimulant for ornamentals, annuals, and perennials that helps them thrive and survive. It also repels deer!

Eco-Blend Grass Seed
ECO-BLEND is specially designed for lawns managed organically, without the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers or chemical pesticides.

Horticultural & Dormant Spray Oil
Easy-to-use spray that controls scale insects, mealybugs, apple aphids, European red spider mites, leafminers and many more pests. Use year-round.

Burlap Wrap
7 oz, medium-weave burlap, ideal for decorating, crafts, and for winter protection of valuable evergreen shrubs, bushes, and roses. Five colors.

Pro Gro
Pro Gro (5-3-4) is a general purpose, slow-release organic fertilizer (North Country Organic) made of bone meal, rock phosphate, and a host of other natural ingredients.

Sluggo by Monterey Lawn & Garden, kills snails and slugs. It is safe, and can be used on fruits and vegetables, berries, outdoor ornamentals, lawns and greenhouses.

Hinder Deer & Rabbit Repellent
Protects flowers, trees, shrubs and crops from deer damage. Available in concentrate or spray.

Corn Gluten
Corn Gluten Meal (9-0-0) is a great granular fertilizer for use on established lawns.

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